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Chicken Wings
Honey BBQ • Sweet and Spicy Chili • Teriyaki 8pc 9.95 12pc –14.50
Taco Asador
Grilled Chicken Breast • Beef Brisket • Smoked Shawarma 3pc 13.95
Loaded Fries with shawarma and tahina  ———- 8.50
Loaded Fries with chopped brisket and bbq sauce —— 9.50
Soup of the day ———- 6.95
Salad Plate choose 5 with hot pita bread from the oven 14.95
Moroccan Beef and caramelized onions cigars with spicy harissa Tahini sauce 5pc ——-12.50
Falafel (8) plate with Tahina and hot sauce   —-9.95
Classic Hummus Tahina with hot pita —-9.95


Caesar Salad with our house caesar dressing, parmesan cheese and croutons. ——13.95
add grilled chicken breast or schnitzel strips – add 4

Israeli Chopped Salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, sumac onions, fresh parsley and mint, with olive oil
lemon dressing. sm 6.95 lg—— 12.95
add tahini sauce 2 add boiled egg 1.5

Garden Salad with lettuce, red cabbage, white cabbage, shreddedcarrots, red peppers,red onions,
tomatoes, persian cucumbers, roasted almonds and honey cilantro vinaigrette. 13.95
add grilled chicken breast or schnitzel strips 4

Hummus Bar